August 6, 2013

Day 6: Bentonville-Rogers, Ark.

We woke up in Ankenny, Iowa this morning. When I awoke I had no idea where I was. I thought I was in Wisconsin but Earl wasn’t on a cot so we must have moved to a new hotel.

There’s a reason it can be dangerous to use Hampton Inn in every place you stay. We had a run going for a while: room 334, 335 and then 336. Then we ended up in 106. Tonight we are on the fourth floor. Maybe they added a floor just for us.

Today was all about driving from central Iowa to northwest Arkansas. So we drove.

And we drove

And we drove

And we drove some more

We stopped in at a place called Toot-Toot Cafe in Bethany, Missouri for lunch and it was good, though there was a brief moment of silence when the two gentlemen from New York walked into this family restaurant. Every eye gazed upon us and when they determined that we were good folks, only at that time did normal operations resume.

Upon our arrival in what I have come to think of the Bentonville-Rogers-Pea Ridge, Ark. Metropolitan area, we quickly settled in and met up with Erik, Mark and husbands, husbears and friends for dinner and Tuesday night beveraging.

It is completely awesome meeting these folks in real life and we are looking forward to continuing the visit tomorrow.

After beveraging Earl was in the mood for dessert so we checked out Andy’s Frozen Custard in Rogers, where I had something called a concrete. It was delicious. Earl had pretzels added to his.

And now we are settled in for the night, feeling good and feeling happy.