As I mentioned in the post earlier today, I drove to work today with the top off the Jeep. It was chilly at 50ºF, but it was manageable. I had a hoodie and the windows up. The fresh air was exhilarating.

Not having the top on the Jeep today posed a little bit of an issue during the lunch hour. Sitting in a shopping center parking lot with the top off can get mighty hot. It can also make one’s iPad quite cranky. Since I’m enjoying lunch later than usual, my usual shaded, secluded area outside of Burger King didn’t exist as the sun was in the wrong position. So I ended up finding a shady spot on the Main Street in the downtown area near work. I’m sitting outside a closed tattoo parlor. The hours state that they will be open this evening. The adjacent antiques shop is closed on Tuesday. I find that odd.

There’s not a lot going on in the downtown area but there are a few pedestrians walking about. I’m kitty corner from an old bank building that has a clock on the front of it. The clock is stopped at 1:55. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the clock would work perfectly on the clock system collection I have at home. Perhaps I should stop in the bank someday and ask them if they need assistance getting the clock going again.

I’m rather enjoying the change in view today and it’s fitting in line with my work schedule this week. I decided to try two days in a row at the office instead of spreading my office days out over the week. I find these little changes in my routine exciting.

And I’m really enjoying this beautiful afternoon sitting in the shade.