Best. Sandwich. Ever.

I just had the honor of eating the best sandwich I’ve had in a very, very long time. Earrl is usually responsible for our lunches, when he’s in town, and today was no exception. While many wives/husbands/partners would make a simple sandwich, a few slices of lunch meat, a slab of cheese and a glob of mustard or mayo, Earl always takes the time to make lunch somewhat special. A few garlic stuffed olives as garnish, a little pickle, a lot of TLC.

Well today he did something a little bit different with the sandwich and I just loved it. Today I had roast beef and cheese on whole wheat, with coleslaw instead of mustard or mayo.

Oh my insert favorite deity here.

It was out of this world and a welcomed treat. When Earl and I owned our hot dog stand, The City Pound, back in ’99, we would routinely feature a “slaw dog” on our daily special – a hot dog on a bun with coleslaw for the topping. It was pretty good, and a taste that I truly enjoyed.

Today’s sandwich surpassed that by a mile.

They say love is grand. I completely agree, especially when the grand is accompanied by so many little things as well.

Bon appetit!