This is turning out to be an interesting Monday. I started work a few minutes early this morning and within one minute of logging onto the corporate IM system I was getting hysterical messages telling me to join a conference bridge for troubleshooting purposes.

Someone needs to get the cobwebs out of my head before that sort of thing happens.

Earl started with some sniffles on Friday night. He’s been “meh” throughout the weekend. Last night he was in bed before 7 p.m. and this morning he slept in until just before 8. He ran to work, did what he had to do and then came home and is now parallel parked on the couch. I heated up some chicken noodle soup for him. I’m hoping he feels better because I don’t like seeing my husband sick.

For some insane reason I decided to tackle the “really big hill” this morning on my bike. Turning left out of our driveway is always a bit of an incline, but I usually hop off the hill at the first left turn about a half mile from the house. This morning I just kept going up the hill and two miles later I was feeling like I accomplished something. Plus, I was freezing. The weather has been picture perfect for the past five days and it looks like the trend is going to continue for the next couple of days as well. The abundant sunshine has helped me feel wonderful lately. And feeling wonderful is a wonderful thing.