Well hello Little Man.

Earl and I were driving home from Toronto along the QEW. It was around 1 p.m. that a very special call came from my aunt.

“You’re an uncle. He weighs 6 lbs and 13 ounces and he’s healthy. Your sister is doing very well.”

Mom and Jennifer had said yesterday that they were heading to the hospital. My sister said there was no reason to come home from Toronto early, so we didn’t. The Little Guy was due on the 9th of September. He decided to do things his way and make his grand entrance on the 18th of August instead.

Earl and I stopped at the hospital on our way through Syracuse and visited with my sister and the little guy’s grandparents. I got to hold him for a while. My life changed a little bit at that moment. He looks like his Dad with some of my sister’s touches and was sleeping peacefully as he laid in my arms.

We planned our trip to Toronto early in my sister’s stay at our house figuring she had a few weeks left before she would be heading to the hospital. I guess the Little Guy had different plans for us all.