So I was all excited on my flight from Syracuse to LaGuardia because there was WiFi. I confirmed that there would be WiFi on the 3 1/2 hour flight from LaGuardia to Dallas-Ft. Worth. I would be able to do my surfing thing and actually accomplish some things I wanted to get done online.

It was when we reached 10,000 feet and we were permitted to use electronic devices that they informed us that the WiFi on this aircraft was inoperative at this time. So, I paid $9.95 plus tax for a day pass of WiFi when I could have bought a shorter pass for the first flight today.

I wouldn’t say that I’m pissed off about this, but I do find it disappointing. If you’re going to scream about WiFi on your flights, you should make sure that your WiFi is actually working. Geeks get hostile when they’re promised an Internet connection and they don’t get it. I have several tech friends that have two internet connections at home so that they’re never disconnected. I have contingency plans for our internet connectivity at The Manor. While I’m sure that Internet connectivity is hardly a priority on a commercial flight, I do expect a company to come through on their promises.

So, Delta Airlines, you disappointed me a bit on this flight. I’m on a regional jet for three and a half hours, there is no entertainment available (though the three women in row 11 are amusing in an irritating sort of way) and now we have no WiFi.

Such a first world problem I know. I should have commissioned the LearJet.