Since the advertised WiFi is not working on this flight, I thought I would try something else along the line of “firsts”. So I’m having my first in-flight alcoholic beverage.

I don’t know the name of the flight attendant that is working coach, but he is a handsome gentleman and he apologized for not having an orange to include with my Blue Moon.

The food choices are rather limited. My supper consisted of a can of Pringles, two free Biscotti cookies, a Diet Coke in a leaky cup and this can of Blue Moon. I see the first class flight attendant walking around with a submarine sandwich. Apparently that’s a first class thing only. Someone is going to have to let me fly somewhere via first class someday. Preferably on a 747.

That will be a grand blog entry entitled “Firsts”. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy my first alcoholic beverage on a flight.