March 8, 2013

Seat Belts.

Does anyone know why airline passengers are so defiant when it comes to the “seat belts required” sign? A few moments ago there was a pleasant chime, followed by an announcement, indicating that it was now safe to use portable electronics but that passengers should remain seated with their seat belts fastened as the informational sign was still lit. This is indicative that someone important on the flight deck feels there could be unexpected turbulence ahead. I respect that, I get that and no one has really instructed me in this, I suspect that it falls in the “common sense” category.

The passengers on this flight are jumping up and roaming around the cabin like it’s nobody’s business. With 50 passengers on this flight, the flight attendant (his name is Roy) has a bit of a chore with keeping everyone safe. Why do passengers feel it is appropriate to just do their own thing? Are they too good for rules? Do they know better than the trained and qualified crew on this flight? Have people become so arrogant and ridiculous that they think they know everything?

I don’t know how my friends that are Flight Attendants put up with this sort of behavior. There’s a spiteful side of me that would love to give the passengers a little bit of extra turbulence just to give them something to remember. I wouldn’t do anything drastic; I’d probably bank around a few clouds or something. Maybe something to jiggle the ice in their drinks and demeanor a little bit. I know I’m capable of such a thing, given the right aircraft.

People. Please. If you’re on a flight and you feel you know better than the flight crew, please do your fellow, respectful passengers a favor and when the need to walk around arises and you decide to defy the instructions of the crew, just get out and walk.


So I’m sitting over the wing of an Airbus A320 calling itself Delta flight 408. The emergency exit door is making a creaky noise. Hopefully it isn’t the ejection system. I can still breathe and it’s giving me a little breeze so I’m just fine. I notice the little things. And thankfully, it’s not as breezy as this.

I’m not wearing purple and green, either.

It has been a good week in this adventure called life and I’m happy that work afforded me the opportunity for this trip. I’m ready to get home though. A brief stop in Detroit and then I should be home in time for lunch.

Food is always a good thing.

The wifi on the A320 is working brilliantly and I am happy about this. Someone wretched about a peanut allergy so no peanuts for us today. Sigh. I was in the mood for peanuts. If you’re allergic to peanuts, I’m sorry to hear that, but just don’t breathe my peanut dust. It’s not hard. Take a Benadryl if you’re nervous.

I am resisting the urge to write some code on this flight, primarily because I don’t have a lot of elbow room. Someday I’ll be able to fly first class. By then someone else will probably be writing the code, though.