So last night I was a little bit stupid and left one of the doors unlocked on the Jeep when I went to the gym. The parking lot outside of the gym is rather dark and since folks hadn’t been out the night before, the lot was populated with a lot of vehicles. I ended up parking farther away from the door than I usually do.

When I came back to the Jeep after a very successful workout, I noticed that my jacket had been moved from the driver’s seat to the passenger’s seat and an ATM slip was sitting on top of it. Since I don’t leave stray papers in the Jeep, I knew that someone had been in my Jeep while I was working out. I looked up on the dash and noticed that they only thing missing was my pair of $20 aviator sunglasses. Whoever made their way into the Jeep didn’t bother to take the case for the sunglasses, the multiple iPod/iPhone chargers in the console, my jacket, Army hat or other hat nor did they take my Apple bluetooth keyboard that I use with my iPad on the road. They only took this pair of $20 aviator sunglasses. Any they were all scratched up and slated for replacement anyway.

I was mad at myself for leaving the door unlocked. I was disappointed in the whole human equation and the idea that someone would break into a vehicle to begin with. But I was dumbfounded by the fact that whoever felt they needed to violate my space was only concerned about looking good in a pair of sunglasses.

There’s a lot of stupid going around these days.