Grantville, Pennsylvania.

Earl and I are officially on “Spring Break”. We are en route to the House of the Mouse in Orlando. It’ll be our first time staying at the new Saratoga Springs Resort at Disney. It’s also our first trip to Disney where we haven’t planned our activities in advance. We’re taking it easy this trip.

Tonight we have settled for the night in Grantville, Pennsylvania, about seven miles from Hershey and 20 miles or so north of Harrisburg. This motel is filled to brim with high school wrestling teams.

Let’s hear it for eye candy (though they are a bit young for our tastes). I don’t know how well they are going to do at the tournaments over the weekend, judging by the loud voices proclaiming how drunk they are getting.

Let’s hear it for Pennsylvania boys that drink!

We’re planning on hitting the road nice and early tomorrow. Earl is accommodating my dream of driving the entire length of Interstate 81 on this trip, tomorrow by this time we’ll be quite a way into Tennessee and hopefully within spitting distance of Georgia.