A couple of weeks ago I was really interested in what was going on with the Presidential race. I wanted to know who stood for what and what money was going to whom and who was going to propose the best ideas for getting this country back on its feet, once they defined what “getting this country back on its feet” meant to them.

I think I ODed on politics.

I couldn’t bring myself to watch the debates last night. I sat down and started to watch the pre-game show on CNN, but with all the technical difficulties they were having, I got frustrated and started sending out Tweets scolding CNN for not having enough tin foil on their Rabbit Ears. But as long as John King can touch a giant iPad to do something that doesn’t really need to be done, all is well with the world, right? By the way, Wolf Blitzer still gives me the creeps and has done so for nearly 30 years. I miss the crossed eyed Bobbie Battista.

Neither candidate really excites me. Of course I’m going to vote for the one that is going to make sure that my marriage remains valid (and any gay man or lesbian that votes for someone that thinks they shouldn’t be married obviously hasn’t experienced the joy of love), but other than the same sex marriage thing, he really is the lesser of two evils. There is something to be said about personal responsibility. While I think that there should always be a safety net, I think people should do everything they can to avoid the safety net. It’s a last resort, not a lifestyle.

So instead of watching the debates last night I ended up just watching the Twitter stream, and to a lesser extent, watching the new ADN ( stream. I’m becoming less of a fan of Twitter and more of a fan of ADN simply because the latter is not ad supported. I can handle $36/year for the service. My withdrawal from my Dunkin’ Donuts habit has already paid for that.

I think the biggest thing about the election for me is that everyone just bashes each other. Spectators are trying to turn it into a reality-show version of reality with everything but brawling at the debates. Candidates have nothing positive to say. They just accentuate the negatives of the opposition. “I don’t know what I’m going to do but look at what that fool did!”

It’s quite disheartening.

I’d probably have to run this by my husband, but the day someone declares my marriage nullified is the day we move out of the country. End of story. Ain’t no debating that.