It’s way too soon for the next Presidential Election primary season to start here in the United States. I know some folks started talking about the exercise right after the outcome of the 2020 election was called, but I’d be a really happy camper if we could limit discussions around the next presidential elections to only the six months leading up to the event. I feel like that would give us enough time to figure out who was going to do what and we could make a rational decision come the first week in November.

But the U.S. election system doesn’t work that way, mainly because there’s no money in that sort of sane approach. And money is the name of the game when it comes to Politics.

So I’m not ready for 2024. I’m not ready for the rah rah, I’m not ready for town halls, I’m not ready for any of it. I can tell you that I’m not excited by any of the candidates that have announced their intentions thus far. The frontrunners (if there is such a thing 18 months from Election Day) are both just too damn old. The Baby Boomer Politicians will just not let go and let candidates from the younger generations find their way to the big offices.

What I’m really not ready for is anger and vitriol. 2016-2020 was exhausting on way too many levels and things slowed down just a little bit from the end of 2020 to the present day. I’m not ready for Facebook posts and political rants. I don’t want to be part of any of that. I feel like I’m going to be desperately clinging to the “country” side of my family and just keep my politics personal. Political beliefs should be like spiritual beliefs, but instead of being between me and $deity, it’s between me and the voting machine.

I’ll probably get more worked up as we inch toward the frenetic political pace that is waiting for us on the horizon. I may share some of my opinions then.

But I’m really going to try hard not to get angry about the whole thing.


Photo from AP News.

The people Arizona showed a spark of sanity in the recent elections and have elected Katie Hobbs as our next governor. The margin of victory is less than 1% and has been right down to the wire with vote tabulations. Of course her opponent, Kari Lake, an ardent Trump supporter who denies anything that makes sense and is obviously vying to be Trump’s running mate, is having a hissy fit of ridiculous proportions and screaming about fraud and cheating and the like.

I’m really, really tired of sore losers.

The election was way too close for comfort and it’s disconcerting knowing that probably half the people you encounter on the street supported a candidate who feels Arizona should secede from the United States, basically stripping folks of their social security, Medicare, and countless other perks of being part of the Union, as well as getting rid of the six military bases here in the desert. Her approach sounds so patriotic. Yet, nearly half of the votes went to that nut job.

I’m interested to see what Katie Hobbs does as governor. I’ve been shying away from politics in general because the whole affair is incredibly depressing and disillusioning, but at least with Katie Hobbs at the helm of Arizona I feel a little bit of comfort.


My blog would be all rainbows and unicorns if it wasn’t for this incredibly greedy, stupid United States Senator from Arizona.

Believe me, my fellow citizens, I will do everything I can to make sure Senator Kyrsten Sinema is a one-term senator. With an 8% approval rating, I won’t have much to do.


So there’s a meme going around talking about “even though we differ in political beliefs, we can still be friends”. Differences in political beliefs are things like recognizing the difference in budgetary spending. Voting for a political party that will actively try to remove healthcare during a global pandemic or try their best to erase the validity of my marriage, hence bringing into the question the validity of my very being, is not a difference in political beliefs.

It’s a complete opposition of moral compass. It’s a lack of compassion. It’s the absence of a strong moral foundation.

It’s selfishness.

I don’t believe I’m selfish in wanting to enjoy the jubilation of a legal marriage to my husband. I believe my love has every right to be celebrated in the same manner as every other person’s love in this country. A vote for Trump is ultimately a vote against my marriage, against healthcare for everyone, and against a woman’s right to choose. Why would any self respecting woman vote to negate their right to make decisions regarding their own body?

I’ll never understand it.

So when I see the meme saying my friendship shouldn’t be based on your political beliefs, you’re right. They’re based on your character.


Yard signs are common in our neighborhood. The majority of them favor Black Lives Matter. Others talk about the diversity of the people of our country and how all are welcome.

The Presidential Campaigning efforts are displayed on large banners hanging off of balcony or large flags hanging off of buildings.

I haven’t seen any pro-Trump campaigning within at least a three mile radius of our home. When we got for rides out on the prairie there’s plenty of Trump signs. But in the city? Nope. Not even really in the suburbs.

I am anxious to get this election over with. It is causing my stress that I am desperately trying to shake off. It is my hope that America tries to save itself in November. Our future depends on it.


When people share their politics: whom they’re voting for and whom they support, believe them when they share their truth with you. When they beat their chest and scream MAGA and call people childish names and casually put aside heinous acts by saying, “well I’m not like that”, believe their actions. Believe their truth. Actions speak louder than words.

I am using vacation time on Election Day to do my part to make sure that everyone that wants to vote is able to vote, and to make sure those who aren’t sure they want to vote are encouraged to vote.


I was hoping to vote for Pete Buttigieg in the November election. A relatively young guy, Pete had accomplished a lot of what I’ve always wanted to be. Intelligent, multilingual, successful, confident, Pete was the total package. He has great ideas, he’s well spoken, and he was always a steadying force in the wild frenzy of the Democratic debates.

Since he has suspended his campaign, I honestly have no idea as to who I’m voting for, in the Illinois Primary or in November. Warren lost me when she took a DNA test. Klobuchar just rubs me as disingenuous. I can never tell if Biden knows where he is or not and Sanders just screams like the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz all the time. Politically, the majority of them are trying to out do each other in the crazy department. I have no motivation to vote for anyone in Congress, they haven’t gotten anything done in years. I think Biden missed his chance.

Pete embodied the hope and aspirations I believe we need for this country. I guess I’ll continue to follow him and his lead.

Godspeed Mayor Buttigieg, you’re a good man and you have great ideas. I hope to shake your hand someday.


I’ve posted this image on Twitter today.

Back in the days when cash registers had 7-segment LED displays, this is how they spelled out messaging indicating that particular checkout lane was closed. I always thought this was quite the nifty way to relay a simple message and I like the retro look to the message.

I posted it on Twitter because I’ve checked out of the dialog for a little while. A minute? An hour? A day? A week? Who knows. After seeing tweets praising Trump for posting photoshopped images of Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi in Middle Eastern type religious garb, insinuating their conspiring with terrorists, I came to the realization that Twitter hasn’t learned anything, despite the PR claims of being a better Internet citizen. Trump can post outright hate speech and Jack Dorsey and friends will never do anything about it.

Why should I contribute to any dialog on the platform, let alone lending my response to any political discourse.

I’m often too emotional in my responses to political discussions and debate. I am emotional because I’m passionate about doing the right thing in and for society. Belching and barking on Twitter isn’t going to change anyone’s mind and it just feeds the trolls.

So I’ve checked out. I’ve closed my lane for a bit. I’m on break.


So today was an interesting day to reactivate the Twitter account.

I’ve tried to give up Twitter and Facebook, but I felt very disconnected from online pilot friends, the shenanigans in the White House, and family back East.

I don’t like the fact that we’ve come to rely on these ridiculous social media companies, but they’ve become as ubiquitous as Direct Digit Dialing.

Let your fingers do the walking.