San Francisco: Day 2.

I’m starting to fall victim to that growing trend of microblogging instead of just writing things down in my blog like I have normally done in the past. When I then start to write the intended blog entry, I start thinking that what I’m writing is repetitive and that it might offend anyone that may have read the contents of said blog entry in a different context via a different channel (Google+, Twitter or Facebook) but then I decide that I don’t care. Here is where I am my most expressive.

I’m complicated like that.

Anyways, yesterday was touring day. Our first stop was the Union Square Shopping District because I lost my mind Wednesday morning and packed only a few t-shirts and nothing with longer sleeves. I was relieved to find that I had remembered jeans and underwear and socks, so I had at least some of my wits about me. While at Union Square we went to places like Macy’s, the Apple Store and the Art of Shaving, where I made a purchase, didn’t make a purchase and made a purchase, in that order. We did take the obligatory photograph at the Apple store, using a 13-inch MacBook Air.

After Union Square we made a pass through the Golden Gate Park Area and then headed over to the Golden Gate Bridge. The visitor’s center on the San Francisco side of the bridge was a madhouse, so we crossed the bridge a parked in the lookout area on that side. Earl and Jamie busied themselves a bit while I went for a walk across the bridge.

View from the lookout area.

Starting the walk across.

There were a number of signs letting folks that might be feeling despondent know that life was worth living and that jumping from the bridge would be a fatal and tragic event, for themselves and for others. I’ve seen these types of signs before but I think this is the first time I’ve seen two clergy-type people stationed on a bridge. At least they looked clergy-like with flowing robes and an important book in their hand. They appeared to be pleasant.

After I returned from my walk across the bridge and back, we drove up to one of the higher lookout points to take a couple of photos.

We then crossed back into San Francisco and enjoyed a little down time before heading to Fisherman’s Wharf for supper. We were going to take a Cable Car, but all hell broke loose when a large tourist group came by and took up the whole Cable Car, so we decided to take a taxi. It was cheaper and less stressful.

We ate at No. 9 Fisherman’s Grotto where we had a pleasant view.

Earl looks sophisticated while perusing the menu.

Cub makes his choices quickly and then uses his iPhone.

I’m not a huge lover of seafood but I found my supper to be tasty. I don’t know what I ate but there was a butter sauce involved.

After dinner we walked around Fisherman’s Wharf for a while and tried to not be like the other tourists that were milling about. I guess we’re snobby like that. After a bit we hopped a cap back to our hotel where we relaxed and then decided to call us a night. This Pacific Time Zone thing is kind of hard.

So far I really like San Francisco, though I don’t really find it to be a place that I would want to live, though I know I would enjoy visiting it on a regular basis. I guess I’m a country boy at heart and find it a little crowded. I love the vibe of the city though.