So it’s kind of funny how schedules work out. We were invited to my cousin’s daughter’s graduation party on Friday evening. We really wanted to attend but work wouldn’t cooperate, especially since the party was in Buffalo (about 200 miles away from the Manor). So we didn’t make it to Buffalo.

Until Saturday.

We ended up driving to Buffalo on Saturday night so that we could attend Earl’s company picnic for his Buffalo crew on Sunday afternoon. I had met one or two folks from that office, so for the most part this would be a new experience being the “boss’ wife” with a new crew. Earl also gave me a tour of the Buffalo plant and his office there. I think I may have been beaming with pride.

The gathering was very enjoyable.

I like Buffalo. Saturday night we went to Duff’s in Depew for wings and Beef On Weck. I commented that on the eighth day, Beef On Weck was created. Because it is damn good. We then went for a drive through some of the lively areas of the city before calling it a night and getting some rest. It was good to be in a city where there was actually something going on after sundown.

We should go to Buffalo more often.