So this has been the first weekend of my new on-call routine as dictated by my realigned position at work. I still have the habit of comparing on-call experiences to what used to constitute my on-call routine with my old job (over two years ago). Whenever I hear a Motorola pager ring I still go into something that resembles a seizure before I throw the closest, heaviest object at a wall. Fortunately, not many people carry pagers these days. If they do, they’re probably on-call for the company I used to work at.

Not knowing how busy on-call would be, Earl and I kept it close to The Manor this weekend. Yesterday evening we ventured out to the nearby “beach” town of Sylvan Beach. This little village is situated on the eastern end of Oneida Lake. Oneida Lake is the largest inland lake within New York State and is kind of an orphan in that it’s not one of the Finger Lakes. When watching the sunset from Sylvan Beach it looks like a skinny ocean view, as the lake does reach out to the horizon.

We stopped at Eddie’s for dinner. This is your typical family restaurant affair and if memory serves correctly, a place my grandparents would go from time to time. Last night’s special was chicken and biscuits.

It was delicious.

Afterwards, Earl and I walked around the amusement area, played some skee ball and then walked up near the water.

I didn’t catch the scores in the photo. On the left I had reached 250, on the right, Earl had reached 190.

I liked the way this tree looked against the lake with the sun in the background.

The backside of the amusement park. Earl stops to take an Instagram photo.

Here’s a photo of a happy couple.

While we were in Sylvan Beach, we stopped at one of the store fronts that showed various real estate listings. We found a beautiful log cabin on 6 1/2 acres in the middle of the woods. It was a five bedroom cabin and looked relatively new. We found the place and took a gander. It’s a steal. We dreamed about it a bit and spent the rest of our ride talking about the logistics. It’s not close to anything that we need to be close to (as far as location goes) but it would be a nice getaway location.

It’s always good to dream.