So I have been writing code most of the morning. This means I’ve been hunched over my computer and I’ve been staring at my laptop screen. This isn’t a bad thing, after all, it is what I do for a living, but sometimes I think my office setup is not the most ergonomically efficient. Because of this, I end up with tightness in my shoulders and neck.

I just went to the chiropractor after nearly four hours of writing code. I usually take a quick break during my workday and crack my neck, shoulders and back with a good, hearty stretch, but I purposely didn’t do that this morning since I was headed to the chiropractor’s office at lunch time and I figured I might as well get my (insurance) money’s worth.

Dr. Tim noted that might upper back and shoulders seemed a little tight but that my lower back was in great shape. It’s been two weeks since my last appointment, so I figured there’d be more crunchy sounds than usual. When he adjusted my neck and back it made sounds like it’s never made before. Any tightness in my neck and shoulders immediately dissipated and the sneeze I was holding back retreated as well. It’s always good when your chiropractor says “Wow!” At least, I think it’s good. I go back in two weeks.

I feel amazing right now. And just for the record, while I do enjoy a good cracking of the neck and back, I don’t get overjoyed like this woman.