The true key to happiness is to dare to dream from a stable platform. The balance of maintaining stability while allowing myself to dream is the nirvana that I search for. I’ve dreamed a lot during my life and I have achieved much of what I have dreamed about, but I’ve only dabbled with stability in the process. I think I need to find the balance to keep it all in perspective.

And I have no idea why I am writing like a Fortune Cookie today.


  1. i think many people equal stability to immobility. They believe that, in order to remain stable, things can’t or shouldn’t change. Maybe the key is to learn to maintain the balance while in motion, like a boat on the sea. From my distant perspective, you seem to be doing pretty well on that area. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the compliment, lad. I think finding that balance is key, as you said, and I think I’m making pretty good strides at it. I know I’m smiling more than I was a few weeks ago.

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