June 22, 2012


So this morning at work they announced some organizational changes to the organization I work for. I wasn’t there to hear the announcement in person as I am telecommuting today, but one of the changes that was announced was my reassignment to a different group within the organization.

I already knew this was coming.

A couple of weeks ago the Director of the group called me to tell me that there were several organizational changes taking place and that my position would become a little more focused and part of a different group. Focus is good. So starting Monday I am part of the “Enterprise Integration Solutions Group” within the National Surveillance Center. In a way it sounds a little big brotherish and impressive. Impressive is good.

Follow me to my new spot on the corporate tree comes the application I have written. My responsibilities also including building, maintaining and improving the surveillance system we use to monitor the hundreds of thousands of devices we have in our network. I also have less commuting time on my plate now, which is kind of cool. My new boss is outside of Dallas, Texas with team members scattered all over the country. 21st Century communication rocks.

I like the idea of having a more focused position in a job that requires focus. The change is good and I feel like things have snapped back a little on track after being a little strange at work for the past couple of months. I am looking forward to the new challenges.

It’s a good way to start the weekend.