There are times when you just make the right choice based on instinct. Yesterday afternoon I contacted the Department of Transportation regarding the internship I had interviewed for. They were to have made a decision by the end of the previous week and I hadn’t heard anything. They said they wouldn’t have a decision until the end of next week. Since I had put my previous job offer with the telephone company on hold for a week, I decided that I couldn’t push them off another week. I had to make a decision.

On one hand, the telephone company position pays more. I love the people that I work with. Because of my temporary status, my hours have to be restricted a little bit which offers a very attractive schedule for the summer.

On the other hand, the internship would give me insight as to what I’m in for should I continue to pursue this career. I would learn a lot about how the DOT works and gain valuable information for my upcoming classes. However, the decision making process was frustrating me and adding credence to my perception about government agencies in general: making decisions in government is like swimming through molasses.

After pondering the issue I made a decision. I couldn’t push the telephone company off any longer.

I start at the telephone company on Monday and I couldn’t be happier.

This morning I received a call from the man that interviewed at the state.

It turns out I made the right decision.