Tonight’s thought that seems to be stuck in my mind is: “Is there really a way to adjust the heat in a hotel room to a comfortable level?” I fear the answer is “no”. Looking at the knob on this heat thingee mounted under my hotel room window (which overlooks the fitness center and there’s a couple of hot guys working out right now, in case you’re wondering why I’m typing in the dark with the curtains open, hidden behind a closet door, but I digress), I have several adjustments I can make to achieve an optimal temperature. I have “hot”. I have “cold”. I have a blending of blue and hot between these two settings. To the right I have multiple choice answers to an unknown question: “low cool”, “high cool”, “low heat”, “high heat”, “fan only”, “off”.

I really wish the folks that made this contraption, (by the way, the make a great Radarange) would have made it a little easier – set the blasted thing for 68 degrees and let the machine figure out the rest.

I don’t think it’s an unreasonable thought.

I can get in my car and set the temperature to 68 and turn the rest of the knobs to auto and the car will do the rest. Granted, it’s not as sexy as the old slide heater controls in our ’78 Impala “Vent”, “Heat”, “Def”, and it only went to “vent” if you pushed on it until the leaves stuffed in the radiator flew out, but it did it’s job. If you were uncomfortable, you rolled down a window. If you were really uncomfortable you hung your head out the window like a happy dog.

I don’t think the guys in the workout area across the courtyard would appreciate me hanging my head out the window with my tongue wagging. It’s a nice thought though.