Stamp Your Feet.

It’s a two gig weekend for me. The day between gigs is always interesting as I’m in total night owl mode, but I’m surprisingly keeping busy around the house with a few home improvement projects. Lag bolts, beams and a few other devices make for an interesting experience for all.

I’m such a geek.

I’ve had this song in my library for a couple of weeks and have been “force feeding” it to the Friday night crowd at the bar. Last night they finally gave in and admitted that yes, it is a good song and yes, I know what I’m doing. It packed the floor with more than just the LaDonna fans.

Here’s the latest single from Donna Summer, it’s called “Stamp Your Feet”.  By the way, it was written in part by Danielle Brisbois, who played Stephanie on “All In The Family” all those years ago.

Quite frankly I fucking love this track.