While many think that gay men hit all the circuit parties on Saturday night, Earl and I are proving to the contrary this evening. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a circuit party before. Anyway, Earl and I are sitting in the café at Barnes and Noble with our Macs back to back, meaning we’re facing each other. There’s not a lot of people here in the café this evening, perhaps they are at the circuit party. There is one guy who thought he was hot stuff with his newish computer until the boys opened up their Macs. Mac trumps newish every time.

Earl is listening to iTunes and being super studious and putting entries into Quicken as we sit here. This is a good thing, for I don’t think he’ll scold me for the receipts I have turned in for the week. At least not in public. At least I hope not.

I have a couple more blog entries waiting to be posted today as I’ve been messing around with vidcasts today but forgot to bring along the cable to upload the files to the computer. Much to Earl’s chagrin these will be posted by the end of the weekend.

I always find people-watching at Barnes and Noble to be such a fascinating exercise. There’s a woman ordering a mocha-chocha-la-la-loo-loo at the counter when in fact I believe she just wants a cup of Sanka. I think that Barnes and Noble should provide translator services for those that don’t speak snobby latte. There’s been several layers of confusion on all involved with the ordering process. I think it would have been easier to squeeze some Joe out of Juan Valdez. She asked for coffee with a little milk and ended up with a latte. She’s now returning it because there’s too much milk in it, even though it’s half and half. “I thought you meant a little creamer.”

There’s two kids (one boy, one girl) yelling at the top of their lungs and showing their somewhat rotund, bare stomachs at each other and yelling “cheese” in unison at varying intervals. Oy.

Earl has discarded the aforementioned receipts with nary a cross glance in my direction, so I think I’m safe as far as the checkbook goes for the week.

It’s fun to surf in public at Barnes and Noble.