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View From A Desk.

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Every once in a while I tell Earl that he has to come on campus with me and do some sight-seeing before the end of the semester. He’s only been to school with me once and that was on a Sunday afternoon when I was working on scouting out the quad for a map project for my drafting class.

You see, Earl and I have very similar tastes when it comes to gazing upon men. I tend to go for those a little beefer than he does, but for the most part we agree on what we find attractive and will often “woof” in unison. And we both appreciate the fine art of looking at men we find attractive. I think this is where outsiders looking in get nervous: because we are both guys who like guys, we can agree on who is attractive and then have a conversation about it. The other thing that people occasionally don’t understand is that we don’t have any jealous fits about this sort of thing. I guess we’re just not wired that way. Beautiful is beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with admitting we find others attractive.

Anyway, with this fine weather the campus has been populated with hard working, bearded, furry students who wear shorts. And I ain’t complaining. I just hope that I can take Earl for a tour before the end of the semester.