April 1, 2007

Kicked Back.

Every once in a while one needs a Sunday where you can kick back and just relax. And today we did just that. Outside of needed laundry, a quick trip to the market and fixing supper, today was about doing nothing but regrouping. And playing Xbox.

Life is good.

Workin’ At The Car Wash.

After watching the woman ahead of us wash her car in the manual car wash down the street, it was finally time for us to pull the Jeep in and do our thing.

Mind you, this woman needed to put more quarters in the car washing control box that beeps a lot, and to get said quarters she needed to get them out of the car. So she had opened the door and jumped into the car while still holding the spray nozzle and squeezing the trigger at the same time. Yes, she sprayed the inside of the car with a lot of water. She seemed unfazed, though I noticed she obsessed over the foaming brush quite a bit.

Anyway, I was getting myself ready to wash the Jeep when she stopped just outside of the exit door and got out to tell me something.

“Don’t use the foaming brush”, she cautioned.

“Why?”, I asked as I glanced at the brush that she had just used. “Is it scratching up the car or something?”

“No, a lot of foam comes out.”

With that factoid she jumped into her wet car and sped down the road.