April 29, 2007



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Earl and I decided that we should continue our run of home improvement projects around the house. I find it kind of funny that we are doing this sort of thing, as we sold our last house because there were just too many projects to do.

Oh well.

We started out the fun by getting rid of some of the leftover clutter from the building of the rooms in the cellar. We intended on taking it to the dumpster at Earl’s work, but they were good employees and locked up the yard gates per Earl’s orders. This was bad for us. So now we have a load of junk in the back of the Jeep that I’ll have to take to the recycling center tomorrow.

After that run of fun, I decided that the clock in our garage (which is part of my collection of school clocks) needed to have it’s wiring hidden instead of being tacked along the wall. This involved pulling wiring through insulated walls but surprisingly it didn’t go badly and I didn’t end up drilling from the garage into the adjacent laundry room.

The relocation of the clock looks spiffy.

Now I’m currently taking a break of installing new lights in a remote area of the cellar. Earl was impressed with the fact that I was wearing safety glasses, so he snapped a photo.

Tuesday night the landscaping people come to tell us how much it’s going to cost to relocate our dirt.

Fun times in the JPnEarl household.