Be Nice.

As a full-time college student for nearly a semester, I’ve been noticing something on campus that is relatively disturbing.

Some of the staff here are just downright rude to students.

Now I have not observed any instructors being rude to their students, however, it seems that there are some support staff that are just plain cranky.

When I first registered for classes in January, I had a few questions that needed to be answered. After all, I had not been to college in 20 years and I wanted to make sure that everything was in order so that I would start the semester on the right track.

When I went to the registration desk, the attendant there acted like I had just stepped off of a garbage truck and I had hunks of wilted lettuce hanging from my ears. I consider myself to be a fairly nice person, but this woman wasn’t buying into my pleasantries, she didn’t smile back, she didn’t say “please” or “thank you” and quite frankly it seemed that she just didn’t care to be there.

I chalked it up to a bad day on her behalf.

Unfortunately, I have noticed this trend continuing with various people on campus. For example, today I went to the library to finish up some research for one of my class projects. One would think that the person at the “Information” desk would be a helpful person, full of friendly advice and tips on the Dewey decimal system. No. I was wrong. When I asked a question about one of the research databases she threw a tattered piece of paper in my direction and said in an exasperated, “you’re a moron” voice, “It’s all right here.” Of course I kicked into Sarcasmo mode and said, “You’re absolutely right. Would you like to read it to me?”

She was not amused.

So I politely thanked her and walked away.

It seems that some of the support staff on this campus are bothered by the fact that there are students milling around here in these halls. I find this disheartening. If I’m feeling this much disrespect as a 38 year old student, I can’t imagine to think how the younger students are being treated.

We scream that the younger generation has no class or respect for their elders. It’s a shame that there are many that choose not to lead by example.


  1. be the change you want to see in the world…you never know how a simple act of kindness can impact someone’s day…even if you never know it…don’t let the naysayers and bitchwads change who you are!Oh, and also, punch them if they get out of line again!

  2. Boy, you have more patience than I do. I’d probably lose it with them. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a very decent and polite man… to a point. I get to that point quickly when people are rude, dismissive, and arrogant. I think that if you’ve put up with a lot of stuff in the past, you get to a point that your tolerance for rudeness goes way down. I guess that’s where I’m at. That aside, I sense that in general, people are getting crankier as time goes on. Maybe it’s just the state of our world now and people feel helpless. I don’t know.

  3. You hit on my thoughts about people being so rude.In my opinion it takes alot more energy to be a CRANK than it does to be nice.As you know somedays i feel i have a reason to be miserable. I fake it often being polite and nice even more so when i encounter a Crank. Somedays i just feel like saying “why are you so miserable? Bet i can top your reason and i would never treat anyone like you do”. Maybe someday i will say it just to see their reaction.

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