April 7, 2007

Green On The Horizon.

Green On The Horizon.

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While Earl competed in a poker tournament at Turning Stone Casino today, I decided to drive up to my hometown area and visit with my dad at the family lumber yard and hardware store. It didn’t feel very springlike with temperatures in the low 30s and some interesting snow squalls. I grew up in the heart of the Lake Ontario Snow Belt, and today the area lived up to it’s reputation.

Sooner or later it’ll start acting like spring.

I decided to take the long way home, as I’m inclined to do, and passed through a rather remote region of the area. I discovered that a large wind farm has been built on the Tug Hill Plateau. The Maple Ridge Wind Farm is one of the several wind farms that have recently cropped up here in Upstate New York. These wind farms get a lot of opposition, but I applaud their efforts for harnessing Mother Nature’s gift of the wind for our energy fulfillment purposes.