April 5, 2007

There’s Still A Job To Do.

I’ve been mentioning to Earl on and off for the past couple of weeks that I was thinking of ramping back considerably on my blogging habits. I don’t know whether it’s a case of finding interests elsewhere or just sheer boredom, but I thought that reading my blog had become as interesting as watching paint dry.

That was until today.

One of my reasons for having a blog is to show the world, through my experiences, a different perspective on life. I don’t really see “the big picture” as many see it. I don’t think I’m even looking at the same wall as most. Sometimes it seems like I’m looking at the back of the big picture. Sometimes it seems I’m out in the bathroom while everyone is gazing at this big picture. Perhaps it’s educational to some that there’s these whacky people out there that look at the world a little differently and maybe any given topic can’t be pigeon-holed into black or white.

In addition, I don’t believe that Earl and I fit the stereotypical image of a gay couple, and by sharing our experiences and viewpoints on here, it shows the world the diversity that exists in this little subculture with sparkles.

Anyway, after a lively sociology class at school today I decided that I need to hang around in the blogosphere a bit and keep doing what I’m doing. Today’s topic in class was “Education and Religion”. We started off by being asked to draw a person, much like they do to screen students for kindergarten. I apparently would have been sent to summer school if I was to attend kindergarten today because I drew a stick figure. I was generous enough to include hair, ears, shoes and a smiley face. I guess I haven’t changed much since kindergarten age, because my kindergarten teacher told my mother that I was learning disabled and should be in special ed because I couldn’t color between the lines. They later decided that I was “beyond” coloring between the lines and had more important things to do. I guess that still applies.

Anyways, the conversations started up during the lecture. I enjoy this class because about half the class (the sleeping half) has pretty much dropped out and now people actually participate. Since returning from spring break I’ve become increasingly participatory in class and today I was running at full tilt.

The 20s-something woman two rows back, the one happily married with four kids, was giving her viewpoint on the separation of church and state in the schools and how it was just awful that there was discussion about taking the Pledge of Allegiance out of the schools because of the words “under God”. Several of our classmates agreed with her, saying that our Founding Fathers put “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance for a reason.

“Whammy! Thanks for playing, here’s your lifetime supply of bleach.”

Before the instructor had a chance to jump in, she looked at me, smiling knowingly as she read the expression on my face as I said, “Actually, the Pledge of Allegiance wasn’t around until 1892 and the ‘under God’ part wasn’t added until 1952. I think the Founding Fathers were long dead by then.” I don’t know what it is about adding a little zinger to the end of my arguments. Perhaps too much Golden Girls or something.

“Well I don’t know why people have to come into our country and force us to endure their religious beliefs. This is a Christian nation.”, another student said.

“I’m sure the Native Americans loved us forcing Christianity upon them when we arrived in North America”, was my reply.

I guess I was a little worked up today.

The discussion continued, including my defense of people who need to take time off from their jobs for religious purposes (Jewish holidays, Pagan celebrations, etc) and how they shouldn’t have to bring in a note from the coven. I think the Pagan part spooked some.

Perhaps I should wear all black on Tuesday or something.

Anyway, the paint has finally dried and I’m still here.

* addendum, I was wrong in class, “under God” was added in 1954 per Wikipedia.