It’s Spring. Really.

For the past several years, Earl and I have celebrated the Easter holiday by going on our first picnic of the year. We normally make ham sandwiches, bring along some salads, chips and iced tea, and go to a state park to enjoy the springtime sunshine and perhaps walk around a little bit.

Today we woke up to over an inch of snow and temperatures in the mid 20s. While we are both quite adventurous, we really didn’t feel up to a picnic in that sort of weather.

Instead we invited my Mom to the local casino where they were having a wonderful brunch for thousands of their closest friends. We ran into my cousin and her family and chatted with them for a few moments and ended up having a wonderful meal and leaving some of our hard earned money in the process.

I guess Mother Nature isn’t quite ready to bless us with full-time spring yet, as it looks like it’ll be late February like for the next couple of days. Earl thinks our first picnic of the year will be to celebrate Independence Day.