Whacked Validation.

This morning at work I had confirmation that I am truly a whacked out individual. Or at least people perceive me as a little odd.

I was on call last night for a collegue. I helped out by taking over his on call duties for a couple of hours, with all the fun ending at 9:30 p.m. Actually, I didn’t get any calls, which is an always welcomed change. After turning the on-call duties back over to him, I decided to go run some errands. So I went to local convenience store (dressed appropriately, for a change) and bought the lottery tickets for the week. Then coming out Fastrac, I noticed that the car was unacceptably dirty so I headed over to the LaserWash (complete with LaserDri). On the way I passed the local NYSDOT sign manufacturer contractor and noticed they had a bunch of new signs on a trailer ready to be shipped, so I stopped to take a look at those, being the road geek that I am. As an aside, they’re headed for Interstate 81 around my hometown of Pulaski.

I then headed for the car wash and let the laser do its thing, though it didn’t dry very well. So then I drove around the area a little bit for another 45 minutes or so to dry the car off.

I got home around 10:55, just in time to call Earl.

My co-workers found this incredibly odd. “Why weren’t you sleeping?” “You went out to wash the car at 10:00 at night?”

I guess I won’t tell them about the time I went grocery shopping at midnight, or the time back in the late 1980s when I went to a tanning appointment at 3:15 a.m.