Tonight I have to give my first presentation at college. It’s for my computer applications class and is to show that we have a firm grasp on using PowerPoint. The presentation is to be on a subject within our field of study. I will be speaking about the technology used to make road signs more legible for the larger elderly population we have on our roadways today.

Graphic from ClearviewHwy website

Many people think that because I was in radio for so many years that giving a presentation to a handful of people should be a piece of cake. The problem is that when I was on the radio I didn’t have dozens of sets of eyes staring at me. In the studio that task was usually limited to a surly boss and some adoring fans. Did I ever mention that I had a girl send me her underwear in the mail once? Once I was out on the radio, I had a guy send me a jock strap too.

I don’t think that’ll happen tonight.