Well today was the first day of my “Introduction to Mathematics” class. This is the non-credit course I have to take because I didn’t achieve a high enough score on my two attempts at the college pre-placement exam. I commonly refer to it as “Math for Dummies.”

This course probably has the most eclectic assortment of people in it. They’re from all walks of life and of all ages. I’ve made it through four of my five courses so far and I have yet to be the oldest. I’m feeling like one of the cool kids, as I had to share my book with another and he complimented me on my handwriting. At least he didn’t say that I write like a girl (Earl always says that). I’m now even tempted to wear my jeans all saggy with my butt crack showing. On the other hand, that may be more frightening than I need to be as I probably have a little more hair there than my peers.

One thing that I’m adjusting to is the presence of cell-phones in the classroom. Up until today it hasn’t been too bad, but because this math course is basically a lab, people were starting to take or make phone calls (that sounded like a lot monosyllabic words and a mixture of grunts) before being scolded by the professor (who, by the way, is an adorable geek about my age).

The course is self-paced and I’ve decided to take it nice and slow. I need a good, solid foundation of mathematics for the rest of my courses and since I have to take this course, I might as well do the best I can, take my time and get the highest score possible. It’ll pay off in the long run.