Not Even Halfway.

Today I came to the realization that I’m not even halfway through my life yet. I fully intend on reaching that century mark and I’m well under that dreaded “50”, heck, I’m not even touching 40 yet. Nevertheless, I think I’ve been having a midlife crisis of sort over the past month or so, hence the intense working out I’ve been doing (and subsequent weight loss and muscle gain, whoo hoo!) and the change in my appearance a bit. I figure I’ve got the rest of my life to cruise through drive thru restaurants, watch television and be lazy, so for now I’ll eat healthy, workout, be active and embrace my 38 years of age by feeling young.

It may sound like I’m feeling down in the dumps. Quite the contrary; I actually feel great. I guess I’m eager for spring weather to return, as the temperature fell 25 degrees today and it’s been raining to the point of flood warnings again. Maybe I need to get out on my bike and ride to Binghamton and back or something (200 mile round trip).

Too bad my road bike doesn’t have water skiis on it.