January 21, 2007

The Manual Way.

I have spent the entire afternoon and evening working on engineering drawings for my Drafting class. This is quite a challenge because I have absolutely no artistic skill whatsoever. I can barely draw a stick figure. I avoid the game hangman at all costs because it involves drawing said stick figure. The last time I played Pictionary with my family I drew a lightsaber and half the room blushed and my aunt made an “ahem” noise as she choked on her cocktail.

And now my professor wants us to draw houses in an isometric view.

I thought that’s what we got when we watched guys warm-up in the locker room.

In less than three weeks my Drafting class will be all about computers. I am counting the minutes until that time. But for the first three weeks I feel like I’m stuck in some cryptic boot camp trying to draw lines and circles and make my letters look like an all caps Helvetica font. Every time I discard another attempted drawing, all I can think is “15 cents, 15 cents” as we have to use this fancy engineering paper. I think I threw away at least $5.00 today.

I guess it’s all about the learning experience. I should have spent $5.00 on a Big Mac or Taco Bell. It would have given me less gas than my homework did.