January 27, 2007

Albany, N.Y.

Earl and I have installed ourselves in Albany, N.Y. for the night. We are joining our friends Sean and Jeffrey (and their friend Evan) for dinner and then we are heading out to bear night at Club Phoenix.

It was hit or miss whether we were going to make it here tonight after all, as Earl worked most of the day and has been traveling like a madman all week. After a little bit discussion (friendly of course), we decided to make the trip after all.

We’re looking forward to the fun and I’ll probably have stories to share tomorrow! I’m typing this blog entry in TextEdit and then have to go up to the lobby to post it, because the hotel-wide free wireless internet isn’t working very well. Perhaps with our room next to the laundry room the dryers are throwing out bad vibes or something.

I Love My Radio.

Here’s a very rare video from 1985. This was a big gay club record and one of my favorites.


Taffy, “I Love My Radio”

The Hot 107 Era.

Earl and I are going out with friends in Albany tonight, so I’m in the mood for dance music. Here’s a couple of music videos from my “Hot 107 Era”. Back in 1993 and ’94, when I was just a baby radio DJ, I worked for a radio station called Rock 107 which became Hot 107 (then it was sold). Here’s a couple of tracks that we spun to death:

Cathy Dennis, “Just Another Dream”

The KLF featuring Tammy Wynette, “Justified and Ancient”

Juliet Roberts, “I Want You”

Cause And Effect, “Another Minute”

Captain Hollywood Project, “More and More”