January 18, 2007

Taking A Stand.

Earl and I have decided that we are not going to watch “American Idol” for a while. I was fully prepared to jump onto this latest season in full snark mode, but last night’s auditions in Seattle were just too mean spirited. The judges were pretty mean spirited on Tuesday, last night they were just downright mean. We weren’t entertained at all.

Now I don’t consider Earl and I to be ultra politically correct guys. Once in a while we may snicker privately when we shouldn’t or we may tell a joke that’s a little rude. However, we know the limits of good taste and last night a line crossed. The three judges on American Idol hit a new low. Three people “in the business” really have no business making fun of a contestant’s physical apperance by calling him a monkey. Paula Abdul, regardless of her state of inebriation, should not cheer a contestant on when they’re in the room and then laugh uproariously when they’ve left. That was just humiliating for all involved. The judges and the producers should be ashamed of themselves.

We’re not watching the rest of the audition process. We may boycott the rest of the season. It’s just become too mean.

Under Construction.

Under Construction.

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This picture is of our local Price Chopper grocery store. They are rebuilding it from top to bottom and keeping it open at the same time. It makes for quite an adventure for a number of reasons, including the fact that nothing is in the same place two days in a row, the checkout lanes are scattered all over the place, some of the aisles are half a cart-width wide and most importantly, there’s a lot of prime beefcake in the way of construction men to be found in just about every nook and cranny. In fact, I tried to sneak a picture of the guy sticking his head out of ventilator shaft, but then I found myself almost being run over by a fork-truck, so I decided not to risk the venture.

When all is said and done, our Price Chopper will be as close to a Wegmans as the area will allow. This being our closest grocery store, it’s still almost eight miles from the house. I really wish that we had a store closer to us and I have begged Wegmans to build in our area on several occasions, but they’re not coming this far east. I’d even be happy with a Wal*Mart Neighborhood Market.