There Be Walls.

There Be Walls.

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When I got home from class today I noticed that our contractor had put the sheetrock up in two of the four rooms we’re having built in our basement. It’s very exciting to see this sort of progress. I’ve been pulling wire through the studs for the past couple of nights, when all is said and done each room with have three-line phone jacks, internet/network access and a clock from my school clock collection properly flush mounted against the wall. Even the storeroom.

Earl has big plans for the workout room, including a set of lockers he has leftover from work to store our stuff in. It’s great to see the project coming together. We’re really happy with the work.

I can’t wait to move our offices, the music studio and everything downstairs.


  1. Funny you should mention school clocks: shortly after I started dating Tom and moved in with him in Jamestown, he brought me to an auction. We were going to buy a piano (which we did with my money but I had to leave there because I had no way to bring it back to Albany with me…sigh) BUT, having no experience at an auction, I mis-coughed or mis-cued somehow and accidentally bid on a bunch of school gym clocks (enclosed in those thick wire baskets to keep them from getting broken.) Fortunately, someone else bid on them, but I still get a chuckle that I could have been the proud owner of a collection of Gym Clocks. 🙂

  2. Gym…with Lockers….what else are you planning for that room?

    All I can say is make sure you have lots of light otherwise your film will end up a little dark.

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