January 24, 2007

All Over Again.

If you’ve read this blog for a while and/or know me personally, you probably wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that I tend to live a little bit on the lunatic fringe. I believe in all sorts of supernatural stuff and I tend to look at the world through a different pair of glasses than most. I’ve been called a “whack job” on more than one occasion. I wear the badge proudly.

That being said, I tend to use déja vü as a guidepost in my life. We’ve all experienced déja vü before, that sixth sense kicks in and says, “hey, you’ve done this before.” It’s almost like you can put your finger on the time and date that whatever specific event happened, even though it’s happening right now for the first time. I figure the whole experience of déja vü is the Universe’s way of saying “yes, you’re on the right path, you’re doing the right thing, you’re on track.”

An extension of that is a comforting feeling I occasionally get when I meet people for the first time. I can’t really describe the sensation, but every once in a great while when I meet someone, I just know that this person is significant in some way and that they are a piece of the puzzle in my life. Always one to trust my instincts, I treat this individual as if I have known them all my life, because I figure the Universe doesn’t lie and I must have known them before. Were we friends in a previous life? Did I bump into them a decade before in the supermarket? Perhaps they were disguised as Shirley MacLaine? Who knows.

This evening I joined my sister and my dad and stepmother for dinner. It’s the first of four consecutive dinners out this week, with a drop-kick of the scale pre-planned for Sunday. As we sat there, chatting away and enjoying our meal, I just knew that I had been through that exact moment before. Déja vü kicked in the moment the host told us our server’s name was Stephanie and carried right through the meal, and it was a good feeling. I took it to mean that I was on track. And you know, I thought to myself, “my goodness, these people are pretty nifty.” Now I know that sounds kind of odd because I’m talking about family members, but I do have some relatives and friends that look at me like I just parked a UFO on the roof and beamed into the dining room. But it’s a good feeling to be comfortable on a subconscious level with the ones that are woven into your life.

Now if I could just cheat sheet containing what lies ahead!