Still Smiling.

Still Smiling.

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I just took a peek at my college web site and found that I did better on my retake of the placement exam than I did the first time around. That’s a good thing. The one small problem is that I didn’t grab the brass ring I was hoping to. I was closer to the minimum score, but not close enough.

So now I’m enrolled in the “Math for Dummies” course. It’s half a semester long and starts in two weeks. As for the class I had wanted to take, it looks like algebra and I will be dancing through the summer together.

That’s o.k., it’ll all work out in the end, I’m sure of it. In all honesty I think I feel better about this approach because I’ll have a complete refresher of what I was trying to cram for the placement test. It should be a relatively easy good grade.

So I’ll just keep smiling through the day and through this gorgeous spring weather. Tomorrow it may get over 60! I’m hoping Earl wants to go for a ride tomorrow, because that’s what we’re doing.