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I don’t think I’ve ever been able to comfortably sit on the front porch at the beginning of January and write a blog entry. If I had tried this in year’s past, the screen would have frozen over and I would have looked like a popsicle before I had even typed the first sentence. As I look around the front porch here, I’m noticing buds on the lilac tree.

This is whacked.

Looking at the forecast, it’s currently 50 degrees. Saturday is suppose to be sunny and near 60!

I had to take a moment and enjoy the sunshine. I’ve spent the morning cleaning the house. Since the weather is so spring like, I decided to go for spring cleaning. I’ve hung up pictures that have been lying around for the three years that we’ve lived here. I’m dusting and spritzing and spraying and vacuuming everything in sight, one room at a time. I hope to be done by April.

I thought I would be relishing the fact that school doesn’t start until the middle part of the month. I pictured myself just kicking back and enjoying this time between finishing work and starting up school. In reality, I’m a little bored. At least I’m able to give the house the attention it deserves. It’s starting to feel like our palace again.

It would have been nice to have the naked houseboy that we’ve always dreamed about though. We’d call him something sexy like “Seth” or “Dusty”. All houseboys should be named Dusty.

Ours is named J.P.