I thought I’d take a moment and write a little bit…

I thought I’d take a moment and write a little bit more in the blog before calling it a night. Earl and I got back from Syracuse a little while ago. We took it easy while we were out there, not a lot of activity, just a relaxing day at the mall.

We decided to go to Carousel Center (the future DestiNY USA) because there was a bit of a cloudburst going on as we got to Syracuse. So instead of Barnes and Nobles we ended up a Borders, which was a good thing because I was still able to find the book I was looking for. It’ll make work that much easier! 🙂

We also went to CompUSA, where I purchased Microsoft FrontPage 2002. I’ve been working on the websites more, and I had heard good things about this latest version of FrontPage, so I thought I would give it a try. Let’s see if this experiment is a success! I’ve had mixed feelings about previous versions of FrontPage, but as I do more studying of HTML and such, I’m beginning to see why the software does what it does, and now I feel more comfortable with it.

We also moved over to our new home of jpnearl.com tonight. If you go to the old address, you’ll still get to our new home (we left a forwarding number!) but update your bookmarks if you’re a regular. We moved to our own server because there’s a lot of stuff we want to do with the site and we haven’t had the opportunity to do so. We’re probably going to webcam more of the house, in a sort of “Big Brother” way. We both think that’s kind of neat. I’ve also been working on videos I’d like to share, and we’d like to upload more pictures and stuff to our photo gallery, but we were limited in space with our previous “residence”.

I’ve been thinking about going to a massuse the last week or so. Actually, I’ve been thinking about it for about a year, but now I feel comfortable enough in my body to go and have someone rub me down. My legs have become quite muscular if I do say so myself, but my chest and arms are still those of a city boy (what happened to the hay and poop slinging arms I had on the farm?), but as of today I’ve lost 28 lbs since May 1st and I’m feeling pretty good, so I think I deserve a really firm, good massage.

We’re planning a visit to a state park tomorrow, though we haven’t decided which one. I better decide tonight before going to bed.