Global Warming Celebration.

Global Warming Picnic.

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Picture It. January 6, 2007. Upstate New York, an area of the country known for it’s record snowfall year after year. By all rights, we should be up to our butt cheeks in snow at this very moment. Ski resorts should be thriving. Children should be sliding down hills that are just buried in the white stuff.

Today it was 65 degrees.

To celebrate this odd weather, Earl and I went on a picnic. We usually reserve the first picnic of the year for our Easter celebration, but since it was so unusually warm, we decided to pack a cooler and go for a ride. A really long ride that clocked in at just over 12 hours.

Our first stop was for lunch. We parked at a picnic area along historic US 20, just east of the little village of Cherry Valley. The weather was unbelievably warm but unfortunately it started raining, so we had our picnic in the Jeep. We called it our “Shhh! It Isn’t Really Global Warming Picnic.”

From there we headed southeast and ended up in the Hudson Valley. I showed Earl the village of Saugerties and the little luncheonette counter I had discoverd on one of my road geek rides. We had a quick bite to eat (two lunches on Saturday=extra time at the gym on Sunday) and then headed further south until we got to Interstate 84 south of Poughkeepsie, where we turned west and eventually started heading back home. We walked a mall and had supper at a Red Robin. I also picked up a recipe book from Barnes and Noble to add to my growing collection of ways to be a better cook.

So now it’s just after midnight and we’re back home. It’s still in the mid 50s. What a beautiful spring day. Right at the beginning of January.