Happy Travelers.

Happy Travelers.

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Earl and I are now safe and sound in our own home after an 11 1/2 hour journey today.

We left Virginia Beach around 9:30 after a stop at the hotel breakfast buffet and then an energizing walk along the boardwalk. We walked around 1 1/2 miles, 1/2 of it along the boardwalk and 1/2 of it in the sand, right along the ocean. The temperature was already quite warm in the mid 60s, I ended up buying a pair of shorts for the ride home.

We took the sides off and put the top down on the Jeep when we were ready to leave, we made it all the way to Alexandria, Va. with the top down before it got a little chilly. We made it from there to York, Pa. before we put the sides and the back windows back in. By the time we hit Harrisburg it was in the low 50s and raining.

Quite a difference from Virginia Beach!

We did the Jared thing both yesterday and today and had lunch at a Subway. Tonight’s supper was at a Lone Star Steak House in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Surprisingly, we kept it sober and relatively healthy as we went out of our way not to stuff ourselves.

We just got home and are getting settled in and ready for the work week. Tom has already cursed us out for leaving him alone for the weekend. But he doesn’t really mean it, he’s purring like a mad man.

And so are we. We’re ready for the next adventure.