March 10, 2006

Newark, Del.

Earl and I had planned to go to Buffalo this weekend to enjoy hanging out with our friends and going to bear night. We looked at the weather forecast for the weekend and noticed that not surprisingly, Buffalo was going to have similar weather to what was forecasted for us: windy, rainy and a high in the mid 50s.

Southward looked much better.

We had such a good time last weekend escaping life with just the two of us that we decided to reprise the experience this weekend. So we canceled our plans to go to Buffalo and jumped in the Jeep and headed south. We are spending the night in Newark, Delaware. It’s not our final destination.

Most couples understand the need to get away from it all. Earl and I enjoy each other’s company and actually look forward to “we” time. We’ll make it to Buffalo to see our friends soon. But for now we just want to do a little exploring together.

Ringy Dingy.

It was 130 years ago today that Alexander Graham Bell held the first telephone conversation known to man.

“The number you have reached is not in service. If you wish to make a call, please deposit 10 cents, 30 cents if you’re calling Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. This is a recording.”

How far we’ve come in telecommunications in 130 years. Where will we be 130 years from now? Heck, where will be 10 years from now?