March 11, 2006

Virginia Beach, Va.

Earl and I spent the afternoon and evening in Virginia Beach, Va. for our little spontaneous weekend getaway. Keeping in line with our newly found healthy lifestyle, we walked the entire length of the boardwalk round trip, clocking in five miles of walking. It was refreshing, relaxing and invigorating all at once.

To celebrate this healthy endeavor, we headed to a locally owned restaurant called “Abbey Road” for some seafood. Unfortunately, a few moments before we arrived a large group of 38 people arrived and asked to be seated. They did not have reservations. Who on earth would walk into a restaurant and ask to have a group of 38 seated without any advance notice? That would be a group of cheerleaders in town for some rah-rah championship. They were loud, they were obnoxious and their group bogged down all mechanics of the restaurant.

We didn’t care.

Understandably the service was slow. The food was good and was relatively close to what we ordered. The three beers helped with the situation. The management did take 10% off our bill even though we didn’t complain at all. That was appreciated.

After dinner we decided to take another walk. Per my friend Dana’s advice, we walked down the ocean and felt the temperature of the water. We did it with our hands though, since we were quite comfy in our sneakers. We then walked on the beach a bit and enjoyed the clear night air. It’s relatively chilly tonight in the low 50s but nothing to really complain about.

Tomorrow we have a long drive home. But we both are ready for the week that lies ahead. Let’s hear it for spontaneity!

The Gay Advantage.


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The media is often filled with gay couples crowing about the disadvantages of being a gay couple. No same sex benefits, no legal recognition of being a couple, etc. etc.

There is one advantage that married couples don’t share. We both can agree when we see another man we find very hot.

I know it’s bad to inadvertently hit the “click” button on the cell phone camera when aimed at a man that we think is very attractive. What’s even worse is that he ends up on a blog, right there on the internet. I’ve only done this once before and that was back in ’05 at DisneyWorld. After snapping the picture, the subject snickered and nodded his head in acknowledgement.

This guy grinned and nodded in our direction as well. No names exchanged, not even any words exchanged, but there was enough eavesdropping done to figure out that he’s sitting next to his sister. I have no idea if he’s on the same team as us, but we know a handsome man when we see one.

And only a gay couple could share similar tastes when sizing up the same person. There it is, the gay advantage.