Spin Again.

Once upon a time I was a club and radio DJ. While I didn’t enjoy the politics or business side of radio that much, I really enjoyed spinning tracks in a club or at parties. I am decidedly very gay DJ as you won’t find me playing the Macarena or Alley Cat at a wedding, nor will I let the dogs out over a bar mitzvah. My talents are best served for the gay bear crowd.

Over the past 48 hours or so I’ve been obsessing about spinning in a club again. I think it’s because I recently turned down an offer to be Program Director for the local Kiss-FM as I really don’t have an interest as what’s being called Top 40 music these days. But I am feeling the need to do some mixing in a club. I want to get a dance floor jammed with hot, sweaty, gyrating people pumped up. I want to command the pulse of the party.

Last night I entertained Earl with a 35 minute or so set off the PowerBook. It was at 35 minutes in that I realized I was recording the whole thing in mono, which doesn’t sound very good to the ears, so I did a quick fade in the middle of whatever was playing. However, I’ve been keeping up with the latest music and my mixes were tight so it was good practice. I think I’m going to make another run at it tonight.

I’m thinking that if I could spin in a bar again I could make some money as a struggling college student and enjoy what I’m doing at the same time. If I had my way, I’d love to spend a summer working at one of the gay campgrounds, but they all seem to be set in the DJ department these days.

Oh well, at least I’m able to entertain Earl and me.