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For the past two days I’ve commuted back and forth to my company’s Syracuse office for training. Next month our two tech support groups (one telecommunications, the other internet) combine into one facility and one big happy family. Luckily, the move is into our building, so it won’t change my commuting habits one iota. And added plus is that the internet group moving in with us is a great group of people and I’m looking forward to working with all of them. I’ll have more to do and once the dust settles, less on-call responsibilities (since more of us will be sharing the duties). It’s all very exciting and right up my geek alley.

Since the weather was spring like today, I decided to take the Acura out on the road and enjoy the New York State Thruway a little bit.

There’s little more enjoyable then hitting the open road at a respectable speed in the vehicle you love.