An Old Friend.

I’ve been doing some work on our media center this week as I’m busy building a computer for the main entertainment system so we can play computer videos, pictures and such on our big television.

As I was messing around with our TiVo tonight, I ran across Xena:Warrior Princess on Logo. I didn’t know Logo was showing the series, but as a huge fan of the show I’m quite glad that they are, so she’s back on our Season Pass list.

There was a quote from tonight’s episode, “The Debt II”, that I particularly liked. It has a spiritual flair to it so I decided to add it to my journal. I’ll share…

“The entire world is driven by a will– blind and ruthless.
In order to transcend the limitations of that world,
    you need to stop willing.
Stop desiring. Stop hating.
To conquer others is to have power; to conquer yourself is to know the way.”