Newest Holiday Decoration.

Newest Holiday Decoration.

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Today was finally the official “put up the Christmas decorations” day in our merry little household. Life has been moving so quickly for the past couple of weeks we didn’t have time enough to catch our breath, let alone lug the decorations up from the basement. But today was an on-call day, so that meant being home, which lent itself to being productive.

As you can see by the picture above, we were inspired by blogger friend Thom’s beautiful 60s-retro aluminum Christmas tree, so we decided to add an all-white tree with green ornaments to the music room. It’s a festive look and something that makes us feel rather en vogue with our decorating.

Decorating the house for the holidays is such a joy; new decorations, old decorations, ornaments from our travels and gifts from friends and family, everything has a story and is a beautiful contribution to our holiday merriment.

We’re finally in the festive spirit. Now to wrap the gifts this week!