Peameal Bacon Sandwich.

Earl and I, along with our friends Tim and Steve, headed over to St. Lawrence Market today in Toronto to do a little shopping among the natives. Tim and Steve introduced us to Peameal Bacon Sandwiches. W00t they are TASTY! Yummy, yummy, yummy.

St. Lawrence Market is much like Reading Terminal in Philadelphia in that it’s a huge building with various vendors (mostly food) selling their wares. People wander about, it’s got a “barely clean” feel to it, basically it’s controlled chaos. I love it.

After the peameal bacon sandwiches, we headed to a kitchen gadget place that sold the exact cookie cutters I’ve been looking for! These cookie cutters have a handle and serrated/ridged blade that my grandmother used for sugar cookies. I intend to do the same. I’ve held back on making sugar cookies until I could find these cookie cutters and now I’m good to go.

After St. Lawrence Market we headed over to the Distillery District and browsed through the galleries in these renovated old mills and factories. It was a typically chilly Toronto day in December, so we warmed up at a coffee shop with a little pastry, I had organic hot chocolate.

Then it was onto the Eaton Centre for some shopping. We were going to buy the last of our Christmas gifts but I ended up buying some clothes for myself. A couple of heavy, long sleeved shirts from the Timberland store. Just my style. I’ll model them for the blog during the week.

After we did our bit at the Eaton Centre, we headed back to the states. As we driving along the QEW in the bumper to bumper traffic, two cars in front of us came to a screeching halt, causing the car in between us to naturally stop as well. The driver of the car that initially stopped then got out of his car and walked to the car in front of us and started beating the driver! He opened the door, grabbed the guy, and started punching him! I guess he didn’t appreciate the tailgating. So then he slammed the door and started back to his car, where the ‘victim’ then bumped into the car in front of him! The guy came back and started opening the door again, but this time it was apparently locked. By then we were able to get the hell out of there. I must admit that was the worst case of road rage I had ever seen.

After we got back to the states (and breezed through customs, I made add), we headed to a local pub for supper – I had the traditional Buffalo Beef on Weck that was out of this world. Now we’re resting up a bit before heading to Bear Night here in Downtown Buffalo.

I love weekends like this.